Concrete Driveway Leveling

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In driveway concrete leveling, lightweight ‎PolyLevel is used to raise driveway concrete slabs both efficiently and effectively. Our specialized method ensures that you can walk and drive over the concrete slab on the same day the concrete driveway repair has been completed.

We take great pride in the experience, expertise, quality, and customer service that we provide to meet the needs of the consumer. Contact our team today to schedule your concrete driveway repair and leveling in the Sugar Land, Richmond, Stafford, Missouri City, Pearland, Katy, and Houston, TX area.


The Importance of Professional Concrete Driveway Lifting

Concrete is known for its strength; it’s one of the most durable substances known to man. Over time, however, any concrete surface can develop cracks and begin to sink in sections, becoming unbalanced. This can happen due to factors such as moisture, soil settling, or even improper installation. These issues can hinder your property’s curb appeal, but they can also cause safety hazards and other issues. Here are some of the key reasons that investing in professional concrete lifting can be beneficial for your driveway: 

  • Prevents Tripping Hazards: Uneven concrete driveways are tripping hazards for you, your family, friends, clients, or anyone else. Whether it’s a small lip or a significant height difference, an uneven surface can quickly lead to accidents and injuries. Concrete lifting services help eliminate these hazards by restoring the evenness of the surface, leaving a smooth and safe walking area behind.
  • Preserve Structural Integrity: When concrete surfaces sink or become uneven, there could be underlying issues with the soil or the base on which the concrete was poured. Waiting too long to fix these problems can lead to further damage, which can compromise the structural integrity of your property. Concrete lifting addresses these problems by stabilizing the soil and restoring the proper support for the concrete. This can help prevent further sinking or cracking.
  • Improves Drainage: An uneven concrete driveway can disrupt the natural flow of water across your property, leading to pooling or poor drainage. This can cause water damage to your property’s foundation, erosion, or other problems. A concrete leveling company will ensure that the surface is properly sloped, which allows water to flow away from your property and prevents potential water-related issues.
  • Enhances Aesthetics and Property Value: Uneven or sunken concrete driveways can significantly impact the overall appearance of your property. They can make your space look neglected, decrease curb appeal, and even lower the value of your property. Concrete lifting improves your property’s aesthetics and enhances the overall look of your property, making it more visually appealing and potentially increasing its value.

Professional concrete driveway leveling is a crucial maintenance procedure that should not be overlooked. This type of work is best completed by a professional. If you notice any signs of unevenness or sinking in your concrete driveway or other surface, it’s essential to consult with the concrete driveway lifting team at Streamline Concrete Repair. Our residential and commercial concrete leveling company serves property owners throughout the Sugar Land, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond, and Houston, TX areas. Call now for help with your driveway!

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We use the latest in polyurethane foam technology to raise and stabilize sinking concrete and cracking concrete. Polylevel foam doesn’t degrade under the slab.

I love their work! They leveled my 6 panel driveway and filled the cracks and crevices. Now after the rain it drains so much more efficiently…my favorite part? NO more standing water at the base of the driveway!
-Carla J.

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Yes, we can. Most customers don’t realize how important it is to have the terms of an agreement put in writing and signed by both parties. This should include project expectations, responsibilities, services rendered, and cost.

Streamline only hires experienced, dependable, and trustworthy individuals to work on each concrete repair and concrete raising project. We are happy to give you a clear answer on how many workers will be coming to your property along with a personal voucher for each one.

At Streamline Concrete customer protection is our top priority. Streamline Concrete is both insured and certified to do the work. Before selecting a concrete professional, always ask what kind of liability they carry.

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