Last Minute Concrete Raising? We’ve Got You Covered!

Why Foam Jacking is a Better Alternative

You’ve planned your dinner party for weeks. The food has been ordered and the glassware is polished. The guests will be arriving in 5 hours when you notice your walkway is horribly uneven. The last thing you need is demolition in your front yard. Streamline Concrete Repair can have your walk-way evened-out and ready for use before your first guest arrives!

Quiet Please!

Is the baby taking a nap before the family arrives? No problem! Unlike other methods of leveling out concrete, foam jacking is less disruptive and less invasive. In the past, sidewalk leveling has required drilling massive holes, with tons of labor and clean-up. Foam jacking is an innovative method that only requires dime-sized holes, which allows us to get the job done more quickly and quietly. You may not even know we are there!

Less time! No Mess!

All of the prep-work is done off-site. This results in less mess and less time spent on your property. All Streamline Concrete Repair needs is somewhere to hook up our equipment. We simply connect, lift, and seal the repair area.

Will Concrete Raising Last?

Polyurethane is a light-weight material. That means it won’t disrupt the area that surrounds it. The soil underneath the concrete isn’t burdened and the two coincide. And since polyurethane is a deterrent against moisture, it actually seals the bottom of the foundation, preventing erosion. All of this results in less settling and less chance for a job to have to be redone in the future.

I Can’t Wait!

You don’t have to. In fact, the area can be walked on even as the work is being done. Scared your guest’s massive tires may ruin all of the work that’s just been done? Don’t be. Once we are out of the way, the leveled concrete will be ready for any type of vehicle, even heavy machinery. You can rest assured that with our foam-jacking process, your guests can safely traverse your walkway right away and not disrupt the work that has just been done or the level underneath. And just in time for your party!

So, if you have a concrete emergency or just need some work done on your surrounding property, Streamline Concrete Repair is ready to give you a FREE estimate. Our team of expert concrete levelers provides superior service for customers all over the Houston area. Send us a message or call (832) 500 7258.

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