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Benefits of Using Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are commonplace in the construction and maintenance of commercial buildings, as they help to keep the building and its occupants safe. Expansion joints are used to help maintain a building’s integrity, often placed in walls, roofs, concrete foundations, and flooring, by offering accommodation for movement, temperature changes, and other circumstances.

Expansion joints are made using flexible materials, including neoprene, for example, to help reduce cracking in concrete. For preexisting cracks in concrete foundations and other places where expansion joints would be applied, crack fillers and epoxy-based materials would be used.

Where are Expansion Joints Used?

Expansion joints aren’t limited to a specific type of building. You can see expansion joints used in malls, factories, medical facilities including hospitals, parking lots, and more. Expansion joints often go unnoticed, too, since they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing according to the building’s construction. Expansion joints are also highly versatile, as they are designed with durable materials to withstand drastic temperature changes, chemical exposure, and other potential factors.

What are the Benefits of Using Expansion Joints?

  • Damage Prevention: Expansion joints help to prevent cracks and other damage the building can sustain due to seismic movements, fires, and other potential disasters.
  • Durability: Along with preventing damage, expansion joints increase the durability of walls, floors, and other surfaces.
  • Safety: With fewer cracks and structural damage, safety is maintained or increased with expansion joints.
  • Cost Efficient: Expansion joints help to save you money long term as your building will have fewer structural damages, meaning fewer repair costs.

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